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Best Neighborhoods To Move To In Bradenton, FL

Best Neighborhoods In Bradenton FL

Florida is a popular place to visit for many reasons. And if you’re looking to move to a neighborhood with the perfect blend of waterfront living and Old Florida, Bradenton might be the perfect place to call your new home.

Top Bradenton Neighborhoods

  1. Best Riverfront Views: Point Pleasant
  2. Best Waterfront Community: Wares Creek
  3. Best for Closeby Attractions: Azalea Park
  4. Best Winter Vacation Home: Covenant Way
  5. Best Old-School Neighborhood: Palma Sola
  6. Best Upscale Construction: Riverview Boulevard

Here are the best neighborhoods in Bradenton, FL, that you can’t overlook.

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#1. Point Pleasant

Many neighborhoods in Bradenton have a unique feel that is hard to capture elsewhere. And one such place is known as Point Pleasant.

Situated perfectly with great views out to the river, this neighborhood is known for its beautiful older homes. It’s also only a five-minute walk to Old Main Street. Each home contributes to the amazing feel here, ranging in design from Colonial to some spectacular Craftsman-style homes.

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Some of the great markers of Point Pleasant include its excellent proximity to waterfront attractions and Florida’s prized beaches. And what’s even better about this fantastic location is that it still has a lovely family feel to it and is full of great perks. 

This neighborhood is still relatively small and clocks in at less than 100 homes. All these aspects make this place one of the most desired neighborhoods in Bradenton.

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#2. Wares Creek

A great part about Bradenton, Florida, is that there are plenty of waterfront places to find. At Wares Creek, those living in this suburban residential area enjoy staying in this waterfront community for its views and its inhabitants. 

If you want to move to Wares Creek, you can benefit from more than just the quaint streets and gorgeous greenery. The nearby park hosts the Bradenton Blues Festival, an amazing music festival with big names in blues.

This community also has an amazing feel. Many homes have been standing there for many years, some even dating back to the 19th century. This makes for a picturesque neighborhood full of diversity and style.

#3. Azalea Park

Want to have easy access to some of Bradenton’s best attractions? This neighborhood in West Bradenton is close to places like the DeSoto National Memorial and Robinson Preserve. Plus, it’s near plenty of shopping centers, eateries, marinas, and even art galleries.

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Azalea Park is also one of Bradenton’s safest and quietest places to live. It’s picturesque, affluent, and has fantastic views of the Manatee River.

The inhabitants range from singles or families to retirees, and its surrounding area consists of a beautiful collection of Colonial and Mediterranean-styles houses. Most homes also sit on lots around a quarter-acre big.

#4. Covenant Way

Are you looking for your second home? Covenant Way is an excellent pick for anyone looking to pin down a home for winter vacations, as FL stays relatively warm well into the winter.

This neighborhood is popular for homeowners to take up part-time residences. Nearly 18-25% of everyone living there only stays there part-time. However, the streets are still gorgeously maintained, and yards look spick and span.

This is one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Bradenton, and homes can get a little pricey. But if you’re ready to make this your permanent residence, you can enjoy fewer neighbors in the summer months!

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#5. Palma Sola

A great aspect of Bradenton is that it has a hearty mix of modern and classic neighborhoods to choose from. However, if you want a more old-time feel, Palma Sola is the place for you.

It’s one of the oldest communities in Bradenton and was established at the start of the city. This neighborhood’s charming vibe is matched by lush palm trees lining the streets.

It’s located on a peninsula between Palma Sola Bay, Tampa Bay, and the Manatee River, making it close to plenty of outdoor activities. In addition, it’s just 10 minutes from Bradenton Beach and other recreational spaces for golfing and boating.

You can enjoy multiple marinas, a riverfront memorial park, the Robinson Nature Preserve, and water access points.

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#6. Riverview Boulevard

Places in Bradenton can get pretty upscale, so if you’re looking for the most impressive neighborhood in Bradenton, this is it. Riverview Blvd is home to the city’s establishment and is full of gorgeous mansions you’ll want to move into.

However, this region, in particular, is hard to describe. It’s known as either the Riverview Blvd, River District, or Manatee River Region. The vibe can change dramatically along the streets that make up this area, but the entire way simply has a great atmosphere.

Are you an avid boater? Then this is also the perfect place for you! Riverview Blvd has a winding boulevard with plenty of waterfront properties, making it an excellent location for boaters.

Riverview Blvd is also one of Bradenton’s most well-established neighborhoods with a mix of older homes from the 1930s and modern high-end constructions like the Florida Key or Mediterranean styles.

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