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6 Ways To Confirm That Your Moving Company Is Legitimate

How To Check If A Moving Company Is Legitimate

There’s a lot that goes into moving. And a smart choice many families make is to hire a moving company to help with the hard stuff.

Key Takeaways

  1. Reputable movers have an online presence on social media platforms as well as an updated and relevant website
  2. Professional, licensed movers will have online reviews by third parties or genuine past clients, while rouge movers won’t
  3. You can easily check with the FMCSA or via a USDOT number to see if they are properly licensed and certified
  4. Don’t forget to trust your gut and how you feel about any prospective moving company
  5. Make sure they will give you a free quote after an in-person inspection
  6. Make sure the people you hire act professionally, like true certified movers!

Of course, you want to ensure that the moving team you hire is qualified and legitimate. After all, you’re trusting them with your personal belongings inside your home! Here are six ways to tell if the movers you hired are legit.

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#1. Check Them Out Online

One of the great things about the modern age is that everything is online. So it should go without saying that one of the best ways to check out the legitimacy of a moving company is by researching info about them online!

You can start with the basics. Check out their website. See if they have social media channels. 

A great sign of a reputable moving company is active social media platforms and an abundant online presence. In fact, that’s a good sign for almost any reputable company in today’s world!

If you can’t seem to find a trace of your chosen moving company online, that should be a pretty big red flag.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to their branding. Are their moving trucks unmarked and don’t show any logo? Are their movers wearing uniforms? No identification can also mean bad news.

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#2. A Reputable Moving Company Should Have (Good) Third-Party Reviews

A big difference between moving scams and legitimate moving companies is how long they stick around. Great movers can be in operation for years while scams are usually short-lived.

To get around this tell-tale sign, scammers and illegitimate companies may set up fake websites or social media sites. Then, once that name is tainted, and some customers have been scammed, they abandon it.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to tell from looking online! You can check reviews and other info easily found online to see if other people have successfully used their services.

You can accomplish this by doing a quick web search. All you need to do is type something like “[moving company] reviews” to see what other sites and people are saying about the company. There are many moving sites that have reviews of other companies as well.

Federal law search tool business email address interstate mover in state movers storage association how to check if a moving company is legitimate household goods initial quote services mover mover

#3. Moving Companies Should Be Licensed Through The FMCSA

Reputable movers are certified or licensed. And they are usually licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is a federal agency that tracks moving companies.

One of the FMCSA rules is that moving companies should have a USDOT number, which you can then check yourself to find more info about the company. This is because movers use professional moving trucks to travel. Interstate movers are also required to register in the United States DOT system.

Since any legitimate moving company should be licensed with the FMCSA, you can check their database to see if the company you’re looking at is registered. Rogue movers won’t be registered here, so it’s a surefire way to find out if they’re the real deal.

In fact, in most states, it’s mandatory for licensed moving companies to offer at least two insurance options for clients. So another way to check legitimacy is by reviewing the insurance options on their website to see if they offer any.

You should also look over other important info such as complaint history, crash investigations, fleet size, or business certifications. Properly certified moving companies should also be accessible on the Better Business Bureau, where you can check their rating.

Real office unwelcome surprises federal motor carrier safety administration moving company legitimate interstate movers properly licensed and insured customers mover usdot number

#4. Trust Your Gut!

Here’s a point that not many people point out. Trust your gut. That’s one of the best ways to sniff out a moving scam.

You’re going to be trusting this team with your personal belongings and your family’s move. So if you don’t feel comfortable with them, there’s probably a reason why!

Ensure you do your due diligence to determine if the company you want to hire is legit. Use common sense, and cover all your bases!

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#5. See If They Offer A Free Estimate

Before hiring movers, you should check and see if they will do a free, in-person inspection of your home. In fact, this is a requirement of the FMCSA.

Plus, professional movers should offer a free quote prior to booking your move. This also allows you to get a general idea of what your bill will be after the move. That way, you won’t get left with a gigantic bill that you were not expecting.

But the key here is that it should be an in-home estimate. So if the company only wants to give out a quote over the phone or an email, consider it a scam. 

In this case, they might ask for an account of your household goods and give you a firm price just based on that. Reputable businesses in the moving industry won’t do that.

If the company is legitimate, they will do the inspection in person and give you a reasonable estimate.

American moving state department usdot number state lines local movers local moving companies local moving company certified movers interstate moving companies red flags services mover

#6. Your Moving Company Should Behave And Operate Professionally

It should go without saying that scams aren’t professional. Rogue movers won’t act or behave professionally.

This point ties in with the previous ones we made, but it’s necessary to point out. As we said, they should have a relevant and updated website. But they should also have other things like a big enough crew to do a job, a business email address, and solid people skills.

If they are acting like they don’t know what they’re doing, odds are, they don’t, and they’re only there to scam.

Professionalism At Its Finest

True professionalism is something that great movers have. And at The Movers Moving And Storage, we know what it’s all about.

Not only do we operate with only the highest level of professionalism, but we also work to make your upcoming move as smooth and stress-free as possible. We stay in touch with you throughout the process and handle your belongings like our own.

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to keep your family happy during a long move. So with us by your side, it becomes that much easier to see the move through.

Moving can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be! Just get a reputable and professional moving team, and the rest will fall in line.

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