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Moving Equipment & Why It’s Important

Why having the right equipment is essential to the moving process

One of the most important aspects of successfully completing a move is having the right equipment. When choosing a Tampa Moving Company or a St. Petersburg Moving Company always be sure to ask what equipment comes on the van that will be making your move.

Not having the proper equipment can increase the time and difficulty of your move, as well as make damages more likely to happen. We always invite our customers to inspect the truck and equipment when we arrive on moving day. What you will find is a clean, well equipped late model moving van organized and ready to go to work!

All of our moving vans come equipped with the following:

  • 80 full size quilted moving pads to wrap your furniture
  • 2 Box dollies for small furniture and boxes
  • 1 Appliance dolly for appliances and large items
  • Logistic straps to secure your load
  • Tape, shrink wrap, and rubber bands to secure pads to your furniture
  • Four wheel dolly for rolling items to the truck
  • Hand Tools to take apart and re assemble furniture
  • Ladder for stacking your belongings in the truck

In Addition the following equipment will be added as necessary:

  • Piano Board for moving a baby grand or larger piano
  • Commercial/Bin boxes for shuttling items to and from elevators
  • Panel Carts for moving large flat items such as Conference Tables or cubicles
  • Pallet jacks for industrial or office moves.

Having the right equipment and most importantly the right people to get the job done is why so many families have trusted their move to The Movers Moving and Storage. Get your free quote online or call us at 1-800-430-9772. Our friendly Moving Coordinators are standing by ready to help!

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