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Getting Ready To Move

The Ultimate Moving To-Do List & Calendar

Preparation and organization are key to a stress-free and fun move. So, relax. You’ve got this. And by this, we mean this moving to-do list. It’s all you need.

Preparing For Your Upcoming Move The Right Way

Moving isn’t a mindless process. Proper organization and planning are much needed through it all. We’ve been Florida’s most trusted moving company since 1980, so we can certainly say how essential proper preparation is.

Moving can be stressful, even for the best of us. But the best way to relieve tension and anxiety about your upcoming move is by doing everything you can beforehand to set yourself up for success.

Our team is full of experienced professionals. And even though we’re the best in the biz, we still always ensure we are adequately prepared for every move we make. That’s how we provide such a seamless experience every single time.

We know that life can get busy. Finding time to genuinely prepare for your move isn’t always easy. And the next thing you know, your moving day is right there, and you still haven’t packed everything.

Luckily, we offer full packing services. And trust us when we say that it’ll make your move that much quicker and easier. We ensure all breakable or valuable items are safely and securely packed so everything is as you left it when you arrived at your new home.

Just remember that you can never over-prepare. So here’s a comprehensive to-do list to ensure you’re prepared for your upcoming relocation. 

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Four To Eight Weeks Before:

You should start preparing for your move at least a couple of months in advance. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, try to get a couple of to-do items out of the way.

  • Find and hire a reliable and trustworthy moving company you feel comfortable with.
    • Check your mover’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Review your mover’s relocation and moving policies so you know what’s covered
    • Contact them for a free quote for your unique moving situation
  • Figure out if you want to get rid of any items or clutter. Donate unwanted items to your local Goodwill. You can also try selling them online or through a garage sale. Now is the time to get rid of what you don’t want to take with you.
  • Organize your children’s health and school records to be transferred to your new area.
  • Start packing less-needed items to get a jump-start on packing.
  • Update your address with the United States Postal Service (you can do it online!)
  • Update your address with any applicable authorities, providers, or subscriptions.
    • DMV
    • Social Security Administration
    • Credit card companies
    • Insurance companies
    • Credit bureau and other creditors
    • Your employer
    • Brokers, representatives, or agents
    • Delivery services
    • Subscription services
    • Your cable provider
    • With your friends and family members
    • Plan to discontinue your current services and set a start date at your new location.
      • Gas and electricity
      • Water
      • Cable TV and your land-line telephone
      • Wi-Fi or internet
    • If you’re moving appliances, set a date to have them installed or serviced at your new home.
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One To Two Weeks Before:

As time ticks closer to moving day, you need to start getting more items taken care of. Hopefully, you have already started packing. If you didn’t, you should! However, if your moving company is packing for you, just call them to confirm.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that you have all the necessary packing materials. Stock up on plenty of moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap. Because now, it’s time to check off the following action items:

  • Refill prescriptions and request your doctor, dental, and optometrist records (only if you’re moving out of the area.)
  • Update your address with your banks.
  • Cancel subscription delivery services, such as newspapers, magazines, or subscription boxes.
  • Disassemble any shelving, closets, or pieces of furniture that are manufactured with pressed wood.
  • Make the proper arrangements to move your pets 
  • Confirm if your chosen movers relocate house plants. If not, make the proper arrangements to have them moved.
  • Start preparing a box of essentials. This will be a smaller box full of items you need daily. That way, right before you embark on your move, and as soon as you make it to your new residence, you’ll have this box readily accessible. Put in items like paper towels, linens, a spare change of clothes, toiletries like shampoo and a toothbrush, and a tool kit. Anything you might think you’ll need, toss it in!
  • Try to eat up all the food in your fridge. You don’t want to have to throw away any food last minute just because you didn’t eat it before moving day!
  • Set aside your valuables like expensive jewelry, documents, and other personal items. Instead, carry them on your person or in your car during your move.
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On Moving Day

With all of this taken care of, moving should be a breeze – so long as you prepared plenty in advance. And if you picked The Movers Moving And Storage to be your moving team, just know that it’ll be even more stress-free.

All you need to do is tell us what to do. Direct us where to put the furniture and moving boxes in your new home. Then double-check the moving truck when it’s all done so nothing gets left behind.

Inspect your new home for damages and ensure everything is up to code and meets your expectations. We know it’s a lot to think about it. But trust us when we say that this to-do will ensure you have all your bases covered. 

It really can be that easy with the right team by your side.

Getting Ready To Move

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though we specialize in office moves in the Tampa Bay area, we serve businesses all across Florida state.

Yes! We abide by all Florida and federal moving laws and regulations. We are licensed intrastate movers by the Florida Department of Agriculture (IM#3194.) Plus, we carry general liability and cargo insurance and will even furnish them upon your request.

Sure! Just let us know so we can make an effective plan of action. Keep in mind that only The Movers Moving & Storage employees can enter the moving trucks due to safety concerns. But you’re welcome to help us in any other way!

Though you don’t have to tip, our crew members would greatly appreciate any tips for their hard work. However, keep in mind our movers will never ask for tips either directly or indirectly.

We will give you a personalized quote based on your unique office relocation situation. For example, it may cost more if you need more guys from our crew to help out.

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and cashiers checks. However, keep in mind we do not accept American Express, personal checks, or other unlisted forms of payment.

We ask that you empty office furniture drawers before the move to prevent items from shifting or falling out during transport. Plus, it makes the furniture easier for our crew to move. We appreciate your help!

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