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Moving With Pets

The Movers Moving & Storage has been helping people in the Tampa Bay Area move for 40 years! We know a thing or two about having a smooth move. Here are a few of our best tips to help make your move stress free and you and your furry friends.


  • Plan ahead at your new home. Be sure to check your new homes pet policies and deposit requirements as well as making sure there is ample space for your pets.
  • Have a safe place for your pets during the moving process. Having a friend pet sit is always best, but, if that’s not an option a dedicated room for your pet to hang out in is a great option too.
  • Don’t forget to make sure your pet has access to food and water during the moving process. With so much going on it’s easy to forget!
  • Give pets time to adjust to your new living space. This usually means relearning whats off limits and where they are allowed to go.
  • Pets often get anxious during the moving process. Giving them plenty of exercise before your moving day helps relieve pent up energy that may cause more stress.
  • Let them say hi! Sometimes meeting the movers will help calm your dog down, we love pets too!
  • If possible let your pets visit your new home with you a few times before your move. Increasing familiarity with your new home will help them transition easier.

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