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How To Pack Shoes For Moving In 6 Easy Steps

Pack Shoes For Moving

Moving makes you think about certain things you would have never previously considered. And one of those things is how to pack shoes when it comes time to relocate.

Our Top Tips

  1. Toss or donate shoes that you are willing to part ways with
  2. Clean and repair any shoes that you’ll bring with you
  3. Try to pack expensive or sentimental shoes in shoe boxes
  4. Set aside a pair or two of essential shoes for everyday use
  5. Hire a moving company to help with the hard parts
  6. Pack heavier shoes on the bottom of any boxes or containers

Shoes are a big part of not only our wardrobes but also our daily life. So packing them properly is essential. Here is how to pack your shoes right in six simple steps.

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#1. Declutter And Narrow Down The Shoes You Want To Bring

Packing can be a pain. Moving your possessions to a new home can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Whether it’s a simple relocation down the street or a monster move across state lines, it’s never as easy as it seems at first.

The key to moving lies in preparation. Countless tasks need to be completed before settling into your new home. Ensuring you have enough time to complete them is how you’ll have a successful move!

All your shoes for moving shoes save space plastic bag easy access moving box

Organizing Your Shoes Before Packing

Packing shoes is no different. Especially if you have a massive sneaker collection, planning to pack your shoes in advance will be a lifesaver.

The key to preparation is decluttering. For shoes, that means getting rid of old or unwanted shoes that will take up precious space. Because when you’re moving, every square inch counts. It can make the difference between more moving boxes or an extra moving truck!

Figuring Out What Goes Where

Organize your shoe collection into piles you want to keep and those you’d be fine parting ways with. Anything torn, ruined, or generally unusable should be tossed. First, check if there is a nearby place to recycle shoes.

Shoes still in relatively good condition should be donated. Either locate your nearest Goodwill or charitable organization or utilize programs like Soles 4 Souls to find a place to donate shoes.

#2. Clean And Repair Any Dirty Shoes You Want To Keep

It’s expected that our shoes will collect dirt, grime, and dust as we wear them. And they may even sport a few holes or ripped insoles. Often, our favorites collect wear and tear faster than any others.

Chances are some shoes you want to bring will need washing and repair. And now is the perfect chance to do that. Clean any dirty shoes well before you start packing them so they can dry in time. And if you want to get some holes fixed, now is a good time to do that too.

Though it’s not the most glamorous of tasks, cleaning your shoes can ensure your favorite sneakers last you plenty more years!

Shoe boxes shoe box tissue paper more packing paper shoes inside pack shoes

#3. Packing Shoes In Their Original Boxes Will Be A Lifesaver

Now comes the actual packing part. It can be hard to know where to begin. After all, shoes aren’t the most forgiving shape and can be a pain to wrestle into moving boxes.

But hopefully, you’ve saved some original shoe boxes. Especially for your nicer pairs of kicks, putting them in their original boxes will ensure they have a snug and perfectly fitting temporary home for the move.

Putting Those Old Shoe Boxes To Use

You can also mix and match. For example, if you lost the box for your expensive Nikes, instead pack them in the box you still have for your house slippers. Adequately packing your spendy or sentimental shoes will save you any heartbreak later.

Even if you don’t have extra original boxes, you can get shoe boxes or containers specifically for packing shoes individually. Anything from sneakers to high heels can be safely secured there.

Using Packing Paper The Right Way

Use packing paper in free areas within the boxes to prevent the shoes from shifting or getting crushed during the move. You can never be too careful!

Remember that you should not use newspapers or any printed or dyed paper. This can lead to stains on your shoes that won’t come out quickly (or at all.)

On the other hand, any blank, clean packing paper will protect your shoes and keep them pristine. You can also use towels or extra clothing instead.

Duster bags trap moisture one shoe boxes pack shoes for moving lightweight objects

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#4. Don’t Forget To Set Aside Some Essentials

The thing about shoes is you likely wear them every day (unless you don’t leave the house often). Though it’s a good idea to start packing shoes in advance, ensure you don’t prematurely lock up your everyday shoes.

You might still need those in the meantime.

If you’re more of a minimalist, you can probably get away with setting aside only one pair of shoes to wear until moving day and during the move. Otherwise, set aside a trusty pair of work shoes, everyday shoes, and perhaps an extra set for a dinner outing. Don’t forget to keep a pair of winter boots for those moving during the colder months.

You know your sense of style and needs more than anyone else, so ensure you only set aside the essentials you will need.

#5. Hire A Moving Company If You Want Help With It All

Packing is one of the most dreaded parts of moving. Next to hauling furniture and heavy boxes, it can cause plenty of unnecessary stress. That’s why many people use movers to take care of the more complex parts.

At The Movers Moving And Storage, we pride ourselves on our exceptional packing services. We even take extra care to ensure all your delicate and fragile items are carefully secured and protected so there won’t be any accidents during the trek.

We have packed our fair share of shoes and know how to store them in boxes so that they stay fresh and in excellent condition. In fact, we know how to pack just about anything.

Families all across Florida state have trusted our team of experts for years. We know how to make moving easy. And it’s what we enjoy doing!

Long distance leave stains loose shoes tea bags big box other shoes bubble wrap

#6. Pack Heavier Shoes On The Bottom

When filling moving boxes, it’s a best practice to always pack with the heaviest items on the bottom. And that’s true for shoes as well!

Whether you’re loading them into a cardboard box, laundry hamper, or plastic containers, the heaviest shoes should always go first. This will prevent lighter shoes from getting crushed and give the box extra stability.

Wrapping Up

Moving can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be! Ensuring all your bases are covered will save you time and heartache in the long run. So, start by packing your shoes the right way.

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