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Tips For Moving Into Storage

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Learn How We Move Clients Into Storage | Tips for Moving Into Storage


You're leaving the country for a year or two; You're going out of state to live with family for 6 months. You've decided to hire a moving company to store your stuff, so what do you do now? In this blog post I'll go over a few key differences between how we do local moving versus how we move someone into storage. I'll also give you some helpful tips on how to pack and prep for moving into storage.

Wrapped For Storage | The Movers Moving & Storage

One of the biggest differences between moving into our storage versus a local move is how we pad your furniture. When moving you into our storage, or even your own mini storage, we use paper pads to wrap your furniture. Quilted Cotton furniture pads that we use on local moves are taped on at the beginning of the move and removed after we bring the item into its final destination. These cotton furniture pads are thick, very protective, and quite costly. It would too cost prohibitive to use quilted pads for items that may be in our storage for several years or to sell quilted pads to customers moving into mini storages. Paper pads are made from 4ply Kraft paper. They do an excellent job of protecting furniture and are an economical choice for protecting items moving into storage.

Another difference between local moves and storage jobs are inventories. We only do inventories on shipments being stored by us in our warehouse, not for local moves going to mini storages. An inventory is a list of all items we are accepting into storage. Everything we take gets a small inventory sticker placed on it. These stickers have a number that corresponds to the inventory list. At the end of the loading process you'll sign off on the list and get a copy. When your goods are being redelivered out of storage you can then use your inventory list and check off each item as it comes into your home to ensure everything is there.


Now that you've learned some differences in how we do storage moves here are some things you should do differently when prepping for a move into storage. Now, prepping for a move into storage isn't much different from any other move, but a few small differences in how you prep can make a huge difference. Especially if you plan on being in storage a long time.

FOOD. I can't stress this one enough. Never pack food into storage, ever. Not even if it's canned. Not if it if sealed in vacuum packed bags. Packing food into storage will inevitably attract pests. So many times I have loaded customers furniture from mini storages that have food packed in boxes only to see that it's been ravaged by vermin and/or roaches. You even have to be careful to check and make sure there is no food residue inside microwaves and toasters. If you are moving into storage and have food that you would like to get rid of we will gladly donate it to a Goodwill or Salvation Army for you free of charge.

Packing electronics for long term storage brings up the concern of static electricity. While I have seen many times electronics stored for a very long time work perfectly without being placed in an anti static bag it is the safest way to store electronics. There is anti static bubble wrap that can be used for packing computers and smaller electronic components as well as anti static bags. More and more flat screen TV kits are also including anti static bags for TV's. While I personally do not think it is absolutely necessary, it certainly doesn't hurt to be safe and use anti static plastic for electronics.

The last piece of advice I want to give for moving into storage is to pack extra thoroughly, that is if you're doing the packing. Boxing items such as lamps, lampshades, garage tools and lawn tools is very important when moving to storage. Your items are being stacked into storage containers and having things in boxes is necessary to stack your things properly.

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