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Van Hold Storage

Van hold storage is a fantastic option for someone who needs storage for just a few days up to a few weeks. We load your items onto one our clean, modern 26ft. moving vans and leave your items on the truck until delivery. Eliminating unloading and reloading labor.

Short Term Storage

Need storage for a few weeks to a few months? Our short term storage options can accommodate your need for shorter term storage. Whether you are renovating your home and need items to be stored for a few weeks or if you just have a period of time between closings we have the storage space, know how and manpower.

Long Term Storage

Our long term storage solutions bring unmatched value with unbeatable security and peace of mind for your belongings. Whether it’s a few months or indefinite storage we have storage space for what you need. Rest easy knowing your prized possessions are safe and secure in a 24/7 video monitored warehouse.

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Tampa’s Top Rated Moving Company

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