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9 Fun Attractions To Visit In Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida Attractions

When you think of a vacation, the scenes of Tampa, Florida, are sure to pop into your mind. Whether you’re just visiting Tampa or whether you call this stunning city home, there are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained.

Top Tampa Attractions

  1. Clearwater Beach
  2. Busch Gardens
  3. The Florida Aquarium
  4. Ybor City
  5. Tampa Theatre
  6. Tampa Bay History Center
  7. ZooTampa At Lowry Park
  8. Tampa Riverwalk
  9. Big Cat Rescue

Here are 9 of our favorite fun attractions in Tampa, FL, that you can’t pass up!

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#1. Clearwater Beach

Unless you’re completely unfamiliar with Florida’s geography, you likely know that Florida sits between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Its border is primarily coastline and has hundreds of miles of gorgeous beaches.

If you’re going to Tampa, you likely already have some of Florida’s iconic beaches in mind to visit. And if you live here, there’s no reason why you can’t go to the beach every day.

Live your best life!

One of Florida’s most favored beaches is Clearwater Beach. It’s located on the Gulf of Mexico and is one of Florida’s biggest jewels for a reason. In fact, for many reasons!

Even TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice voted Clearwater as the #1 beach for two years in a row. It’s not just us.

A Beach That Has Something For Everyone

With vast stretches of soft, white sand and clear, calm waters, this beach attracts visitors from all over the world any time of the year. Its laid-back vibe is perfect for someone looking to relax and spend the day enjoying the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun.

Visitors can rent a beach chair and umbrella, take a dolphin-watching tour, or simply swim and play in the waves. You can even go jet-skiing, parasailing, or stand-up paddleboarding – the water is really that calm!

As evening approaches and the sun dwindles down, you can enjoy a beachfront lined with restaurants and cafes. Plus, Pier 60 hosts plenty of performers and nightly vendors that keep the entertainment flowing.

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#2. Busch Gardens

Not too interested in hitting the beach every single day? There’s still plenty to do inside the city of Tampa, FL itself. In fact, one of the most popular attractions is Busch Gardens Tampa.

It’s not just a garden if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s part zoo, part amusement park, and even more. It has just about anything you could be looking for to stay entertained on the weekend.

It’s truly a must-have for anyone passing through Tampa. And if you live here, you can enjoy exceptional entertainment over and over again. If you’re a repeat visitor, buy the Fast Lane pass to skip the lines!

It’s More Than Just A Zoo

As one of North America’s largest zoos, make sure to hit up Busch Gardens if you’re an animal lover. With over 200 species living in state-of-the-art natural exhibits, you can get close to anything from cheetahs to meerkats.

Busch Gardens also boasts gift shops, movie theaters, concert stages, and play parks. Hungry? Enjoy either sit-down restaurants or quick meals. Plus, there will be plenty of festive exhibits for Halloween and Christmas!

A great tip is to arrive early. It’s very popular, so it’s bound to get crowded. If you want to have time to visit all the Garden’s attractions, arrive with plenty of time to spare.

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#3. The Florida Aquarium

There’s an abundance of things to do in Florida, many of which involve getting up close and personal with wildlife. The Florida Aquarium is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an enjoyable experience in a vivid atmosphere.

The Florida Aquarium is a world-class facility that offers visitors a unique look at the diverse marine life that can be found in Florida’s waters. From colorful coral reefs to exotic sea creatures, there’s always something new to see and learn here. The aquarium also offers a range of educational programs and activities, including snorkeling expeditions and behind-the-scenes tours.

Fun For The Whole Family

As the biggest aquatic collection in Tampa, this aquarium contains more than 20,000 animals living across 250,000 square feet of space. It’s much more impressive than the sad fish tank at your dentist’s office.

With colorful coral and snapping sharks, you can truly enjoy seeing some fantastic sights. Plus, there is a 4D theater that shows plenty of educational films that will teach you some valuable knowledge about the animals you’re seeing.

Bringing the kids? Let them cool off at an outdoor water playground. Or bring the entire family on the iconic Florida Aquarium wild dolphin cruise, where you can see playful dolphins jumping through the water!

#4. Ybor City

Ybor City is a historic neighborhood located just east of downtown Tampa. Recently, this area has experienced a rich revival and has seen a boom in many local shops and businesses.

The center of Tampa’s Latino community, Ybor City’s name comes from cigar mogul Vicente Martinez Ybor. The Ybor cigar factory used to be the largest worldwide, which unfortunately closed with many other facilities after the Great Depression.

Historic Ybor City is known for its vibrant nightlife, delicious Cuban food, and rich cultural history. Visitors can take a walking tour of the historic district, sample some of the best cuisines in the country, or simply relax and enjoy a night out on the town.

More To Do In Ybor City

Ybor City is a National Historic Landmark District and is even considered one of the most haunted places. Take a ghost tour to see Tampa’s scary side!

Suppose you want to experience Tampa’s nightlife in a friendly atmosphere. Ybor City is also home to The Castle, a multilevel nightclub that features plenty of themed nights and hangouts.

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#5. Tampa Theatre

Most structures and attractions in Tampa, FL, are modern and were likely built recently. But when you step foot into the Tampa Theatre, you take a leap into the past.

This historical attraction was built back in 1926 originally as a “movie palace” and is still in operation today. It’s well-known for its stunning architecture and rich cultural history.

The Tampa Theater hosts various events, including concerts and live performances. And if you want to see a movie, this is the place to do it. This theatre has everything from classic films to the latest names, plus a spacious auditorium and state-of-the-art sound system.

The experience starts as soon as you buy a ticket for a movie where you can purchase passes at an old-fashioned glass booth at the front of the iconic structure. If you want to escape modern life, this is the place to unwind and feel at ease while staying entertained.

#6. Tampa Bay History Center

Florida is about more than bright lights and warm beaches. It has a rich history, and the Tampa Bay History Center contains elements of its past that you shouldn’t ignore.

This museum’s exhibits showcase the extensive history of the Tampa Bay area, and it has plenty of ways to indulge. From the early Seminoles to the regional geography, the Tampa Bay History Center has fantastic exhibits that keep you educated and entertained.

From the newer Treasure Seekers Gallery to holographic fighting pirates, it’s more than a museum. There is also an extensive gallery with changing exhibits in a 60,000-square-foot facility, finished with a glass front.

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#7. ZooTampa At Lowry Park

Formerly known as the Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park, this 55-acre facility is home to more than 2,000 animals in habitats replicating areas of Africa, Asia, Australia, and even natural Florida habitats. There’s even a primate area and an aviary.

ZooTampa At Lowry Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Tampa and features a wide range of exhibits and attractions, including animal encounters, shows and presentations, and a gift shop.

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is known for its commitment to animal conservation and education. It has a number of programs and initiatives dedicated to preserving endangered species and educating visitors about the importance of conservation.

ZooTampa is also dedicated to providing its animals with top-notch care and a comfortable habitat. What’s not to love about this place?

Whether you’re an animal and nature enthusiast or just looking for something to do this weekend, taking a trip to ZooTampa At Lowry Park will be well worth your time! Just make sure to arrive early to avoid lines as much as possible.

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#8. Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa, Florida is a big city with plenty to do and see. So, if you’re hanging out in downtown Tampa, it’s a good idea to make your way to the Tampa Riverwalk. You won’t regret it!

This 2.6-mile trail follows the beautiful Hillsborough River and connects the city in a unique and exploratory way. With links to a number of fun things to do and some of Florida’s top attractions, a simple walk can turn into a day of excitement.

It’s littered with shops, museums, restaurants, and a view of the Tampa, Florida, skyline. Especially if you’re a local, there’s no better place to enjoy a daily walk with your dog or an evening outing.

Taking The Big Leap For A Better Future

Are you wanting to make Tampa your home? We don’t blame you. With so many things to do, you’ll never be bored.

And with The Movers Moving and Storage by your side, you won’t even need to stress over transporting all your belongings. We’ll take care of the hard work, so all you need to think about is what shop you’ll hit up first!

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#9. Big Cat Rescue

Florida is all about wildlife rescue and animal sanctuary. And if you’re a fan of fluffy cats (the big kind,) then Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, FL, should be on your list of things t,o do.

Many of the animals at Big Cat Rescue are being rehabilitated after neglect or even abuse from hunters, animal testers, circuses, and exotic pet owners. Big Cat Rescue is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world, and they’ve made it their goal to create a safe and loving home for their animals.

The sanctuary has a number of programs and initiatives aimed at educating the public about the plight of big cats and the importance of conservation. So, if you take a trip to the Big Cat Rescue, feel free to embark on a guided tour of the facility and learn about the stories behind the cats.

Plus, there are plenty of interactive experiences like feedings to let you get up close and personal with the cats. If you’re an animal lover or just interested in learning more about nature, taking a trip to Big Cat Rescue will be worth it.

Wrapping Up

Tampa, Florida, has some of the most intriguing and entertaining things to do around the globe. From world-class beaches to interactive museums, these top attractions of the Tampa area truly make the area a must-visit for anyone.

From visitors to locals, the places on this list are indeed full of amazing things to do. Try them all!

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