Let’s face it, moving is stressful. There are so many tasks to juggle while you balance trying not to forget anything important. Some experts even consider moving to be one of the most stressful life events aside from divorce.

Keeping a level head makes moving easier. You may find it hard to imagine at first, but it’s entirely possible to stay calm and cool. Just follow the stress-busting tips and suggestions for your move.

Here are the top stress-relieving for moving:

  1. Plan and PrepareTampa Moving CompanyYour move will be smoother when you plan and organize everything in advance, advises Florida Property Management & Sales. Put all of the related documents into an accessible place. And use a notebook or some online tool to gather all of the contacts in your new town.
  2. Use LabelsThe unpacking process is a time-consuming part of your move. When you label everything beforehand, you’ll save a lot of time. In this way, you’ll know exactly what’s in any given box in front of you. You are able to put all the boxes in the respective rooms for further unpacking.
  3. Declutter Your HomeMovers TampaMoving is a perfect excuse for getting rid of all that clutter in your home. Categorize your things into piles. You have three options:
    • Many things could be so useful to other people that they are willing to pay for them.
    • Some of the items in your home may help families in need. Consider donating.
    • Throw away. Not everything in your house is fit for selling or donations. Just throw these things away.
  4. Send Move Alerts
    Alert everyone who needs to know about the address change before you make an actual move. For example, you notify the DMV, the USPS, the IRS, your friends, etc. You’ll be glad that you focused on this prior to moving. You’ll feel less stress when you move in because all your mail already comes to the right place.
  5. Sleep

    SleepSleep is the number one enemy of stress. You are able to balance your emotions and think more clearly after getting some shuteye. Try to get a full night’s rest before the day of the move. This will benefit you both mentally and physically.
  6. Create Checklists
    It’s easy to overload your brain with too much information. This is why you should use tools to reduce the cognitive load. One approach is to use checklists. Whenever you feel that you have forgotten something, there’s a helpful reference ready for checking. Make sure to create the checklist well before moving. Otherwise, it’s another burden on your moving day.
  7. Try a Local RestaurantLocal RestaurantsUnpacking is a lot of work. Sooner or later, you’ll feel the pinch of hunger. Starting to cook while not fully unpacked in your new home is stressful, to say the least. That makes it a great chance to order some food. Use Yelp or Google to find a local favorite in the neighborhood. This will be a delicious introduction to your new surroundings.
  8. Hire a Moving Company
    What’s the ultimate stress combating move? Hiring a moving company helps you with just about everything when making the move. Their work is all about moving efficiently and quickly. You’ll save a lot of time compared to doing it on your own. Plus, moving all the heavy boxes puts you at a higher risk of getting injured. Letting the professionals handle all of the difficulties is a smart choice.
  9. Get A Babysitter or Pet SitterTampa MoversDo you have small children or pets? It’s a good idea to hire a babysitter or a pet sitter the day before your move. This makes the whole unpacking process much less stressful. You don’t have to divide your attention too much. If you don’t want to get a babysitter, find fun ways to keep children occupied. For example, coloring books and educational apps are a good pick.
  10. Start Becoming a Local
    The first weeks and months after your move-in are crucial. During this time, you’ll have the chance to integrate yourself into the community. Walk around and meet your new neighbors. Invite them over for hot or cold drinks, depending on the season. Join clubs and organizations that fit your interests. There are plenty of ways to make new connections and truly become a local. Moving is stressful for everyone. You can cut a lot of this stress surrounding your move by opting for professional assistance.Getting organized is one of the keys to a less stressful move. Also, try to get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy diet. Moving is a demanding life event and making healthy choices helps to offset the pressure.
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