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Moving With Seniors

The Movers Moving & Storage has been helping people in the Tampa Bay Area move for 40 years! We know a thing or two about having a smooth move. Here are a few of our best tips to for seniors who may be downsizing and leaving their long time home.

Moving and Downsizing Tips For Senior Citizens

Know what you're working with. Having a floor plan of your new home will let you plan on how much you can keep and how much you will have to store or sell.

Start planning early! Often times when downsizing a great way to reduce your load is having a garage sale. Starting as early in advance as possible will let you plan yard sales and get rid of the things you no longer have space for.

Packing is often one of the most time consuming parts of moving. Start packing as soon as you know you are moving. Just 30 minutes of packing a day can get you a huge head start.

We know it can be hard to leave the home you raised children and have had so many memories in but, think of downsizing as making life simpler and more enjoyable so you have more time for the things in life you enjoy!

Make sure to have a bag or box set aside on moving day with your essentials. This should include everything you need for at least 24 hours such as medicine, clothes, medical supplies, and any other essentials just in case.

Finding a new home that's right for you. If you're moving to a senior living facility take the time to research and check reviews. Many times seniors move into a new facility only to move to a different one they like better only a few months later.

Call The Movers Moving & Storage! We have been helping seniors transition into their new homes for nearly 40 years. Our people are friendly and patient and truly get satisfaction in helping ease the burden seniors go through when moving. Get a free quote today!

Tips for Moving With Seniors
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