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Top 5 Most Important Moving Day Checklist. Are You Prepared?

It's moving day! The big day is here, are you ready for your movers to show up? Well I'm glad you're reading this. Today I'll go over the top five most important things to do on move day to make sure your day goes smooth


1. Be Ready When The Movers Arrive

Often times when we arrive at a clients home they are woefully unprepared. It's okay! I promise you're not the only one, in fact this is pretty normal. Waking up early, and getting a healthy breakfast and nice big cup of coffee is a great way to start the day before your move.

2. Put Away The Pets

Having animals in a safe place in the home or with a friend or relative is a great way to make the moving day go smooth. Ask a mover how many times they've waited outside a home while the customer chases cats around the house!

3. Scheduling Cable and Utility Installation

Scheduling Cable and Utility installation for the day before your move is ideal if possible. If you absolutely have to have installation on move day try to schedule for a time later in the day when your movers have already moved you in!

4. Moving to a Storage

When moving to a mini storage it is very common for a customer to meet us at their storage only to realize they left their key! Another common mishap is forgetting to pay their storage bill. Which often leaves us waiting while a client goes through the process of paying backed storage.

5. Elevators and Docks

Some complexes schedule time slots for residents to move in and out. Be sure you check with where you're moving in and out and make sure you have a reservation for elevators, docks, and parking.

Call The Movers Moving & Storage at 813-778-1419 or Visit to speak to one of our friendly moving specialists for more helpful tips and a free moving quote!

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