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Moving In The Midst Of A Pandemic?

Moving In The Midst Of A Pandemic? In this blog post I'll talk about how we handle moving during a worldwide pandemic. And with summer/fall season is the busiest time of the year for moving companies, you have to take even more precautions than usual. In Florida that also means a daily afternoon rain you can almost always count on. Moving in the rain is certainly more difficult but definitely not impossible. When moving in the rain we do things a little different to protect your items from getting wet. The most important thing we do to keep safe and stay healthy is screen our men daily for any new symptoms or ailments they may have. It is too hot and far too dangerous for them to wear masks

10 Home Improvements To Make Before Your Move

Moving is daunting to begin with, here are some things you can do to compact your home so when moving day comes it doesn't feel so....well daunting! Flooring A home’s flooring takes on a lot of wear and tear (and occasionally, some latent and unrelenting pet smells as well), so it’s pretty typical to want to refloor a home after you buy. But it’s a large expense, and many buyers choose to wait to get it done. Unfortunately, that usually results in spending a lot more money in the long run. Whether you’re dealing with carpet, vinyl, tile, or hardwood, you’re always going to be able to keep costs lower if you schedule the installation to take place prior to move in day, when the flooring compa

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