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Moving In The Midst Of A Pandemic?

Moving In The Midst Of A Pandemic?

In this blog post I'll talk about how we handle moving during a worldwide pandemic. And with summer/fall season is the busiest time of the year for moving companies, you have to take even more precautions than usual. In Florida that also means a daily afternoon rain you can almost always count on. Moving in the rain is certainly more difficult but definitely not impossible. When moving in the rain we do things a little different to protect your items from getting wet.

The most important thing we do to keep safe and stay healthy is screen our men daily for any new symptoms or ailments they may have. It is too hot and far too dangerous for them to wear masks on moves, so making sure they don't have any new symptoms or feel ill in any way is extremely important for both our customers and the rest of the crew. from getting wet is shrink wrapping your furniture. Sofas and mattresses always get shrink wrapped, and furniture always gets padded to prevent any spread of germs, and on rainy days we will often pad and shrink wrap your furniture to prevent water from soaking through our furniture pads and onto your furniture as we are moving it to the truck. Shrink wrap is the most effective way to prevent furniture from getting wet!

What about boxes? When moving boxes, cardboard cartons or other items that are impractical to stretch wrap we will drape our furniture pads over the items as we carry or dolly them out to the truck.

Other aspects to a successful move in a pandemic is making sure our trucks have plenty of hand sanitizer for the men on the move to help prevent any cross contamination!

We understand living during a pandemic is not easy, its another stress added to a move that we wish could be avoided! With the precautionary measures and steps we use we're sure to give you a safe and healthy move!

The Movers Moving & Storage has been moving Tampa Bay for nearly 40 years! For a free moving quote call 800-430-9772 or get a free quote online.

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