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How To Make Moving With Elevators EASY!

Moving With Elevators

Follow These Helpful Tips To Save Time and Money On Your Next Move!


Moving with an elevator involved always adds a little more time to a move compared to a ground floor, BUT, with a little planning and forward thinking the amount of extra time spent moving with an elevator can be reduced significantly. Here a few thing you can do to save time and money with an elevator move:

1. Reserve the elevator

Not all complexes allow you to reserve and elevator but if yours does make sure you reserve one. Try to schedule two slots if you can to ensure there is enough time to complete your move. Often times complexes will schedule movers back to back in short time frames, so if you have a large move be sure to schedule your elevator in advance and for the most amount of time possible.

2. Parking near the elevator

Some buildings have designated areas for movers to park when loading or unloading. Try to find out in advance where we can park upon arrival, and if possible reserve this area or have management block it off. Being able to park close to the elevators can save tons of time!

3. Padding the elevator

Building managers will more often than not place padding on the elevators before we start moving you in or out. Making sure the elevator is padded on arrival will ensure a quick and efficient start to the day!

4. Find Out The Rules!

Ask any mover and they'll tell you that no two buildings are the same when it comes to elevators. Some places are exceptionally strict and some are very lax with their rules. Do your best to find out any rules or restrictions that we'll have too comply with while using your elevators, then relay this information to us before move day. The more we know the better we can prepare to ensure stress free and simple moving process.

Get Your Free Estimate Online or Call 1-800-430-9772. Our Friendly Moving Coordinators are Standing By To Help Make Your Next Move Stress Free And Easy.

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