Get the latest info on moving, packing, storage & more! All our posts are written by moving industry experts with the knowledge and advice you need to make moving a breeze. With topics ranging from moving day preparation to properly identifying what type of piano you have, there's something for everyone. 

Top Ten Moving Hacks

Simply slide a garbage bag around your clothes while they are hanging in your closet and tape it shut. This makes moving clothes fast and pa

Tips For Moving Into Storage

Learn helpful tips on how to move to into storage and see what we do differently when moving a client to storage as opposed to locally.

The Hidden Stresses of DIY Moving

Moving is hard, moving yourself is even harder! Here are the top 5 reasons why people who try DIY moving often call movers after trying to move themselves. 1. Truck Rental Costs More Than You Think! Often times truck rental companies advertise very low prices to draw customers in but once you're there and ready to rent a truck you see that there are a few more fees than what you thought. Mileage charges, insurance, and refueling a truck can make rental much more costly than expected. 2. Furniture is Heavy! Moving is hard work! It's easy to forget how heavy your furniture can be! People often call movers after trying to lift and carry heavier items such as sofas, dressers and washer/dryers.

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