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How To: Moving On a Rainy Day

In this blog post I'll talk about how we handle moving during inclement weather. Summer season is the busiest time of the year for moving companies. In Florida that also means a daily afternoon rain you can almost always count on. Moving in the rain is certainly more difficult but definitely not impossible. When moving in the rain we do things a little different to protect your items from getting wet. The most important thing we do to keep items from getting wet is shrink wrapping your furniture. Sofas and mattresses always get shrink wrapped, and furniture always gets padded but on rainy days we will often pad and shrink wrap your furniture to prevent water from soaking through our furnitur

Moving Heavy Equipment: Choosing the Right Moving Company

How to choose the right movers for specialty commercial equipment From time to time the need arises to call a moving company for something out of the norm. It could be a safe, a large copy machine going upstairs, or a 1200lb. autoclave like the one pictured above! (We delivered it to the 2nd floor Rasmussen College) When you have something out of thew ordinary finding a mover can be much more difficult. There are a few things to take into consideration before choosing. Experience, there's no substitute. Moving a very large and or heavy piece of equipment can be one of the most challenging tasks you face as a mover. Finding a mover who has experience in moving heavy equipment is key. Often t

Top 5 Perks of Moving to Tampa

Just move to Tampa or thinking of moving here? These are few of my personal favorite things about living in Tampa Bay 1. Sunshine! If you're moving to Tampa be sure to pack your sunscreen, Tampa has an abundance of year round sunny and warm weather. 2. Sports! Tampa has four professional sports teams to follow. No matter what your taste in sports is Tampa has something for you. 3. Food! Tampa has experienced a surge of high quality and unique restaurant openings in the last few years. 4. Traffic! Everyone hates traffic, we know. While Tampa isn't the easiest place to drive around during rush hour, compared to many big cities traffic here is very mild. 5. Nightlife! Tampa has a vibrant nightl

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