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Moving Heavy Equipment: Choosing the Right Moving Company

How to choose the right movers for specialty commercial equipment


From time to time the need arises to call a moving company for something out of the norm. It could be a safe, a large copy machine going upstairs, or a 1200lb. autoclave like the one pictured above! (We delivered it to the 2nd floor Rasmussen College) When you have something out of thew ordinary finding a mover can be much more difficult. There are a few things to take into consideration before choosing.

Experience, there's no substitute. Moving a very large and or heavy piece of equipment can be one of the most challenging tasks you face as a mover. Finding a mover who has experience in moving heavy equipment is key. Often times these kinds of moves require creative thinking, unusual manipulation of equipment and foresight into manpower requirements. It's definitely more of an art form than a science. We here at The Movers have years of experience moving the most difficult and unusual items into the toughest places.

Equipment! Without the right equipment experience means nothing. At The Movers Moving & Storage we have invested in the heavy equipment required for specialty and industrial moving. We have at our disposal less common equipment such as lift gates, extra large appliance dollies, "Rol a Lift" dollies, to name a few. This allows us to handle large and unusual items.

For a free quote on your commercial or specialty moving visit us online at or call 813-254-0129!

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