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How To: Making Your Move Quick And Easy

Moving Day!

What you can do make your move go faster (cheaper) and easier.


We've all been there, moving day is right around the corner and making time to pack and prep for moving seems like a daunting task. As difficult as it seems, taking time to prepare for even just 30-45 minutes a day for a week or two can save you a ton of money when hiring movers.

On the job site we see different levels of preparation every day. Some customers are completely unprepared when we arrive, boxes are not sealed or labeled, few items are packed, and they are frantically trying to cram everything into the few boxes they have. Thats okay! We're here to help you move, it's what we love to do, but keep in mind this often bears additional time and money.

On the other hand there is the customer who is the pro at saving money and getting their move done in the shortest time possible. Everything is sealed, labeled and neat the second we walk in the door. It's from this customer we can learn how to prepare for moving day. Here are a few things that you can do to cut the time and expense of your move down dramatically.

1. Packing

By far the most important thing you can do to save time (money) on your move is packing. Make sure that everything that can fit in a box is packed. Even items such as lamps and lampshades. Being able to place a box on a dolly and roll it in and out of the truck is much quicker than moving items individually. Bonus points for packing pictures in picture cartons!!! Visit our resources page for helpful moving & packing tips.

2. Planning Where Your Furniture Will Go

Our most prepared customers will have already measured rooms at their new home and have planned where they want their furniture to be placed. When we arrive at their new home we do a walk through and see where items will be placed and how rooms will be laid out. This makes it so we already know where to place items when we walk in. Many customers have no idea how they want their new home laid out or where furniture will go. They often decide as we are moving each piece into their home and have us rearrange things a few times until they find a lay out they like. This is a more costly way to go as it takes a bit more time.

3. Labels!

Labeling gives us an idea where things go at the unloading location and saves time. Be sure all your boxes are labeled for which room they go into at your new home. While I don't recommend putting sticky notes on furniture as they will fall off. Putting sticky notes at your new home can help us figure out which room is which. This is especially handy in larger homes that have many rooms. A sticky note above the door that says "Guest Bedroom #2" or "Office" will help us put everything in the right place. Also placing sticky notes on the walls of the rooms telling us where you want furniture is helpful. For example, put a sticky note on the wall that says "dresser" on the wall you would like us to place your dresser on.

4. Don't forget the small stuff!

Moving is hectic, sometimes it's the little things that can slow things down. Be sure to have your keys in your pocket or a safe place so they don't get misplaced. You'd be surprised how many customers can't open the door at their new home because they forgot the keys! If you're moving to a mini storage make sure the unit has already been rented and you have keys to the lock. If you're moving from a mini storage make sure your rent is paid up to date and you have the code to get into the gate!

5. Hire reputable movers

No matter how well prepared you are hiring cut rate movers can often be the costliest mistake people make. Not showing up on time (or at all), Damaging furniture, and tacking on hidden charges will always wind up costing more in the end. Reputable moving companies send out trained, professional movers that will wrap furniture to prevent damage. They stick to the estimated hourly rates, have no hidden fees and stand behind their work. Paying a little more for a reputable, established moving companies is the best investment you can make during your move.

To save money and get first class service call The Movers Moving & Storage. We've been serving Tampa Bay for 40 years and would love to help make your move stress free and easy. You can reach one of our friendly moving coordinators at

813-254-0219 or 727-898-3503. You can also GET A FREE QUOTE online.


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