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The Hidden Stresses of DIY Moving

Tampa Movers

Moving is hard, moving yourself is even harder! Here are the top 5 reasons why people who try DIY moving often call movers after trying to move themselves.


1. Truck Rental Costs More Than You Think!

Often times truck rental companies advertise very low prices to draw customers in but once you're there and ready to rent a truck you see that there are a few more fees than what you thought. Mileage charges, insurance, and refueling a truck can make rental much more costly than expected.

2. Furniture is Heavy!

Moving is hard work! It's easy to forget how heavy your furniture can be! People often call movers after trying to lift and carry heavier items such as sofas, dressers and washer/dryers. For those not accustomed to heavy lifting and the rigors of physical labor it can be very easy to injure yourself while moving.

3. Getting People To Help

One of the most common reasons customers call for same day moving services is that their help never showed. Family and friends will often commit to help moving but back out on moving day. We see this all the time! Especially in the summer when moving is extra difficult.

4. Avoiding Damages to Furniture

Another common reason customers choose to use movers after going the DIY route is to avoid damaging their furniture. Moving large items through small doorways is difficult for even seasoned movers. It takes experience and skill to pad wrap and maneuver furniture. We also use special equipment such as door jamb protectors, sofa covers, furniture pads and stretch wrap to avoid damages. You paid a lot of money for your furniture, hiring movers to move your furniture without damage is a wise move!

5. Not Having The Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential to moving furniture. Rental trucks usually don't come with any moving equipment. Our movers arrive fully equipped with everything needed for a damage free move; Thick quilted moving pads to cover your furniture, two dollies, a four wheel dolly, tape, stretch wrap, door protectors and an appliance dolly. Moving without the proper equipment is exponentially harder.

Take a step towards a stress free move and get a free moving quote from Tampa Bay's top moving and storage company, The Movers Moving & Storage!

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