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What To Expect On Moving Day!

Answers to the most commonly asked questions when our crews arrive on moving day!


1. "Can you back the truck into my driveway? Where will you park?"

Moving Van Parked on Curb

This is often the first question our customers ask when we arrive. We always park as close as we safely can to make your move as fast and efficient as possible. Most often we pull up along the curb and do not back into driveways as that often makes the back of the truck higher up which makes our ramp steeper and more difficult to walk up. Even though the truck might be a few feet further away this speeds up the loading process and makes for less strain on your movers!

2. What do you load first? Can you load boxes first and furniture last?

Tier of Furniture

When loading a moving van we stack your furniture into what movers call "tiers". This is a wall of furniture that makes for safe transportation on the truck and maximizes how much we can fit onto the truck. Usually when building tiers we use both furniture and boxes. So on most moves we are loading our truck with both boxes and furniture at the same time. Sometimes our clients ask us if we can load all boxes first and then furniture or vise versa. We always try to accommodate these requests when possible but we are usually unable to on larger moves without making multiple trips. This is due to being unable to stack into tiers when not loading furniture and boxes together.

3. How long will my move take?

This can be a tricky question! There are many variables that affect the amount of time a move takes. Phones estimate give a ballpark time based on average move times but when your crew arrives in the morning and surveys your home the crew leader can give you a more accurate estimate. Some questions we may ask you when we arrive will be: Is there anything in the house we aren't moving? Would you like us to disassemble and reassemble your furniture? Are there are stairs or elevators at your new home? These are just a few of the questions we may ask in order to pin down a more accurate estimated move time.

4. Are you going to wrap my furniture?

This is an easy one! Everything we load onto our trucks will be wrapped in a moving pad. Oversized items such as mattresses, sofas, love-seats and stuffed armchairs will be shrink-wrapped and or padded and shrink wrapped. Padding wrapping minimizes risk of damage to your home or furniture and makes for a stress free moving experience. A professional moving company should ALWAYS wrap your furniture before it leaves your home and unwrap it once it is brought inside at your new destination!

5. What can you not take?

There are certain household items we are prohibited from loading onto our trucks for the safety of our employees and your goods. Any chemical items such as cleaners, pesticides, bleach, poisons or pool products are strictly prohibited, as well as propane tanks. We also ask customers to not pack perishable items when moving into storage or doing Van Hold Storage on one our trucks, this reduces the risk of pests.

For more helpful tips visit our Resources page!

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