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Moving a Piano? How To Get An Accurate Estimate

The Movers Moving & Storage Piano Moving

Moving a piano can seem like a daunting task, they're large, heavy and very difficult for the DIY mover. Using a professional mover is the best way to insure your valuable instrument gets to it's new home in one piece. Gathering a few pieces of detailed information can help you get an accurate up front price for your piano move. Here are a two things you can find out before you call.


1. Type of Piano - This is usually the first question we ask when we quote someone on a piano move. There are many types of pianos but generally they fall into two main categories: Vertical and Grand. I'll show the differences so you will be able to identify what type of piano you need moved.

Upright Piano

Vertical Pianos fall into four different categories

-Spinet < 40" Tall

-Console 40"-44" Tall

-Studio 44"-47"

-Upright 47" and Up

Grand Pianos are measured by length not height

Grand Piano

- Petite Grand 4' 5" - 4' 11"

- Baby Grand 5' 0" - 5' 6"

- Medium Grand 5' 7"

- Parlor Grand/ Living room Grand piano/ Classic 5' 9" - 6' 1"

- Professional / Semi concert grand / Ballroom grand 6' 5" - 7' 5"

- Concert Grand 7' 6" - 9' 6"

2. Stairs - Stairs and steps are often some of the most difficult to navigate obstructions when moving a piano. Special equipment and techniques are used when stairs are involved. Knowing what kind and how many stairs and steps that are going to be encountered on your move helps us determine how many movers are needed and what equipment to use.

Usually these are the two most important factors in getting a quote for a piano move. Our moving specialists will ask a few other questions and we'll be able to give a flat price for your piano move!

When You're Ready To Move Your Piano Call The Movers at 813-254-0129. We've Served Tampa Bay For Over 35 Years And Have Successfully Completed Over 1000 Piano Moves.

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