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Top 3 Packing Tips

Follow These 3 Tips To Pack Boxes Like a Professional Mover

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1. Choosing The Right Size Box

The first choice you have to make when packing something is which box to use. As a general rule of thumb the heavier the items the smaller the box it should go into. For example, when packing books be sure to use a small box. Even a small box packed with books can be very heavy, just imagine a medium or large sized box filled with books! Inversely, something large and bulky but light such as linens or pillows should be packed into a large box.

2. Don't overpack your boxes!

This is often the most common mistake made when packing boxes. Overpacked boxes are one of the most common causes of damage to the contents of boxes. While there is no exact weight limit for boxes you should be able to easily lift a fully packed box. If you have to strain to lift a packed box chances are it's overpacked. If a box reaches its ideal weight before it is full you can fill the rest with packing paper, which takes us to tip #3...

3. Packing Paper is The Key To Damage Free!

Packing paper is an essential part of packing boxes, not only for fragile glass items but also to fill the top of boxes. When a box reaches it ideal weight you should fill the rest of the box with packing paper. Be sure to crumple it up and put as much as you can, you'll know you've put enough paper in the box when you can push on the top of the closed box and not feel any give. This allows us to stack boxes without having the bottom boxes collapse.

For more helpful tips on packing visit and get a free quote for your move today.

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