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Hiring Movers to Load Your Rental Truck

Loading Rental Trucks

Movers are coming to load your rental truck today, are you prepared?


So you've decided to go the rental truck route for your move. You've hired movers to come load everything for you, what do you do now? In this blog post I'll explain the differences in how to prepare for a crew to arrive to load your rental vehicle or mobile storage unit versus a traditional move.

The biggest difference between loading a customers truck/storage unit is padding! When making a traditional local or long distance move we use our full size moving blankets to protect your furniture. When loading a truck/storage however shippers do need an economical way to protect their furniture while in transit/storage. What I recommend are paper pads, they're a very effective and affordable way to protect your goods. Paper pads are what professional moving companies use when moving clients into their warehouses for storage. We bring paper pads to your move and wrap all furniture completely to ensure no damage occurs in transit. Another option would be to rent pads from the place your renting your truck. Although can be costly if you plan on storing your goods for a long period of time.

Furniture wrapped in Paper Pads

Always be sure to talk yo your movers and make sure they are bringing padding for your goods if you don't have pads/blankets of your own for them to use!

Straps! When stacking furniture in a truck or mobile storage having a way to strap your furniture and keep it from tipping is essential. Since many rental trucks use wooden slats as tie downs what I recommend for customers is just some basic rope. It doesn't have to be very thick or especially strong to get the job done. You can easily purchase some from your local Walmart or Home Depot.

Making sure your belongings are wrapped, packed and securely strapped are the most important things to take into consideration when doing DIY moving. It's something many shippers forget about until moving day when it's often too late. Keeping these things in mind will make move day go smooth and stress free!

For Stress Free Loading of your rental truck or storage call The Movers Moving & Storage at 813-254-0129 or get a free quote online.

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